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✔ Build Teamwork

Desktop, Laptop or Mobile Access

Automatically Coordinate With

  • Board Members

  • Vendors

  • Homeowners

  • Community Managers (CAM)

From Your Computer Instantly

  • Forward Files to Agents and Attorneys

  • Automatically Create Permanent Records

  • Notify all Appropriate Parties

  • Edit and Update HOA Activities

  • Stay Informed and Instantly Update

  • Simultaneously Copy all Board Members

  • Protect Your Community

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✔ Powerful Board Communication


  • Issue and Approve Maintenance Requests
    • Manage and Update Maintenance Tasks


  • Initiate and Track Citations

    • Including Images and Supporting Documents

  • Coordinate and Manage Board Tasks

  • On-Demand Document Library

  • Schedule and Email Newsletters and Alerts

  • Create and Update Ownership Records

  • Print Reports

Make Information Available

  • Only to the right team members

  • Access Control by Role

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✔ Bring Homeowners Together

Encourage Homeowner Support

  • Homeowners Initiate Maintenance Requests

  • Homeowners Track Approvals

  • Homeowners Change Address

  • Homeowner Update Security Information

  • Homeowner Request ARC Approval

  • Encourage Neighborly Conversation

  • HOA Documents Always Available

Grant Homeowners Access

  • HOA Meeting Announcements
  • HOA Meeting Minutes

  • HOA Financial Audits

  • Authoritative HOA News

  • Community Polls

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