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Community Contact Form

Contact Neighbors Privately who Grant Permission

Content Subscription

Invite Neighbors to Join Your Website

Limit Users to Homeowners

Manage Site Users

Participate in Community Forums

Send Articles to Friends and Neighbors

Site Search

Upload and Insert Images and Photos

Upload View and Insert PDF Documents

View, Add and Respond to Community Comments

Write and Publish Articles

Add and Share Community Documents



--Rules and Regulations

--Meeting Agendas

--Meeting Minutes

Homeowner Input




--Homeowners can enter maintenance requests


--Online voting polls; quick and easy homeowner participation


--Submit and respond to ARC requests; one click board response


--Request change of address


Board Member Features




Create Maintenance Work Orders on the Fly


--Homeowners can input and track their maintenance requests


--Review, update, edit and forward homeowner requests to vendors.


--Share the work load, input new work orders and review vendor performance.


--Generate, sort and review maintenance work order reports


--Sort and print maintenance work order reports


--Accurately Track and Get Reimbursed for Citations and Damages


--Create citations and violations records for your CAM


--Fully document citations with images and supporting documents


Add, Monitor and Distribute Board Tasks


Allow Homeowner Change of Address


Allow the Input of Homeowner ARC Requests


Allow the Input of Homeowner Information


Allow the Input of Homeowner Maintenance Requests


Allow the Input of Homeowner Security Information


Assign Roles: Homeowner, CAM, Board Member, Site Manager


Automate Board Decisions on Homeowner ARC Requests


Community Living Units




--Every living unit in your HOA in one place


--Identify units by homeowner occupied, rental, vacation home or family occupied


--Maintain mailing addresses, telephone numbers, email and emergency contact information


--Store and look up vehicle identification


--Record, update and control security codes, gate codes, clicker information


--Attach important documents and images


--Keep a running history of each property


--Sort, preview, group and print home unit reports


Document Library




--Turn legal opinions into community investments by saving them for present and future board members


--Archive financial audits and other important documents


--Save and retrieve vendor contracts


--Maintain on-demand slide shows,orientation and learning documents


Receive homeowner security information and updates


Create Newsletters and Distribute to Community Members


Create Notices and Distribute to Community Members


Input and Update Rules and Regulations to Easily Manage Violations


Maintain and Document Violation Reports


Maintain Unit/Home Master Lists


Moderate Site Content


Set Up Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Upload Management Documents to the Board Library


View and Print Management Reports


Create SMS Text Messages and Distribute to Community Members



Create Surveys and Polls



Private Messaging



Schedule Newsletter and Notice Publication



Upload, View and Insert Audio Files



Upload, View and Insert Video Files



Voting on Community Surveys and Polls



--Review, update, edit and automatically send violation notices



--Get reimbursed for common area damages caused by homeowners and third parties



--Document, coordinate and request reimbursement for damages



--Generate, sort, print and review violation and damage reports



--Eliminate duplicate and confusing board tasks



--Assign, track and communicate board tasks



--Automatically update and inform other board members about task progress



--Review, sort and print existing board tasks



--Improve planning and commitment to complete board tasks



--Private messaging



--Text messaging / SMS



Publish and Email




--Community Newsletters



Safety and Security Alerts



Meeting Notices



News Articles




  • 50+ Money and Time Saving Features

  • Increased productivity

  • 24/7 access to important documents and records for all members

  • Instantaneous communications with CAMs, vendors and homeowners

  • Record, automatically save and email tasks effortlessly

  • View, edit and print reports on the fly.

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