Admirable HOA Volunteers

Volunteering to become an HOA board member is admirable.  It is also a lot of work and responsibility.  In many cases it can more demanding than a regular job. HOA board members need Pro HOA BOD tools.

HOA Board Members Need Tools

HOA board members need tools that save them time, automate their communications and make permanent records at the push of a button.  Reliable tools such as Pro HOA BOD software helps build strong friendly communities.

Free Up Precious Board Time

Pro HOA BOD software frees up board time to make informed and documented management decisions to propel your community to new levels of excellence.

Specifically for HOA Board Members

Where most HOA software has been developed for management companies, the new cloud-based Pro HOA BOD software is written specifically for HOA board members and written by experienced BOD members.  It was built out of necessity to turn around a failing HOA community just days from disastrous collapse.  It is tested and is proven.

Software Automates Communication

Pro HOA BOD software saves board members tens of personal hours each week and communicates automatically with community vendors, homeowners and the management company. It instantly and effortlessly creates permanent records of all HOA management activity.

Proactive HOA Boards who use Pro HOA BOD software:

  • Reduce personal email loads by 70%
  • Improve board member coordination by 90%
  • Decrease maintenance response time by 80%
  • Create, save and track community records instantly
  • Minimize the frequency of formal HOA meetings --saving this time for crucial decisions as required by law.
  • Reduce ARC approval time by 98%

Communities who use Pro HOA BOD software:

  • Provide transparency for all homeowners
  • Allow homeowners to view and track the progress on their personal maintenance requests
  • Get instant and automated ARC decisions
  • Provide access to simply update security information for gate access
  • Facilitate online address changes

Still Not Using Pro HOA BOD Tools

If your HOA board is not using Pro HOA BOD software, your board members are annually wasting hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours of their personal time sorting through endless emails, researching documents and merely making a best guess at important decisions affecting millions of dollars of community assets.

HOA Boards As Corporate Managers

More importantly, Pro HOA BOD software turns your HOA board into corporate managers and empowers them to take immediate action on critical tasks.  Pro HOA BOD software empowers your HOA board to take charge as the law requires while lowering board member exposure to administrative risk.

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