HOA Subscription Software

Pro HOA BOD Software is a subscription service.

Pro HOA BOD Software is unique in that it is specifically designed to aid and support executive board members of homeowner associations (HOA).  An additional benefit to the association is more transparency for all its members, limited by the amount of information published by the executive board and subject to local, state and federal privacy laws. 

When you subscribe to Pro HOA BOD Software you are granted the use of the software for one HOA, usually on a monthly basis.  The cost of each subscription is based on the number of units in the specified HOA and is priced per unit.

For example the subscription price may be 1.99 per unit, per month.  If there are 100 units in the HOA, the total monthly cost would be $199 per month.

Billing is monthly and the service must be paid in advance of each monthly subscription.  Accounts that are past due more than ten (10) days and are subject to immediate cancellation.