Getting started with your new Pro HOA BOD software is easy and the results are powerful.

Each Homeowner Association is unique and every HOA executive board has its own personality.  That is why your new software adapts to both you as board members and to your community.

Because your community is not exactly like every other homeowner association, the initial set up of your Pro HOA BOD software will be much improved and faster if you provide the following information:

  • Your community logo or a general picture, such as the entrance, to help set your HOA apart from others.
  • Your community slogan.  If you do not already have one, you can make one up to unite your community around a theme or saying. This can always be changed later, if your board members decide to do so.
  • As soon as your site is online, ask each board member to register online.  Be sure to assign them the board member (BOD) role.
  • One or more of your board members can also be assigned the role of Site Manager.  This role grants special site privileges to manage content, community members and email distribution of newsletters and announcements.
  • The name of each vendor, and
  • The name of your community association manager, if you are not self managed.

As soon as your private community website is live, you can begin populating ownership records, managing maintenance requests and citing and tracking community violations.